Hi Gretchen! For our readers that don’t know a lot about you, please share with us what drew you to the field of Leadership Development?

The answer to that actually goes back to when I was nine years old. I was living in Massachusetts with my large extended family of 22 cousins nearby, and the recession hit. Dad was in real estate and was exceptionally good at it, so good that he had sold off all of the units in the development he was managing. As recessions go, it was difficult for him to find new work. Flash forward and we landed in upstate New York. Dad had bought into an engineering manufacturing firm and from a little girl’s perspective, he was not happy. I noticed a happy go lucky, ‘you can do anything’ kind of a guy turn angry and overwhelmed seemingly overnight. I did not realize it at the time, but I made a pact during those years to do whatever I could to ensure people did what they loved and loved what they did. This kind of alignment overflows into every aspect of life; family, community, and ultimately has an impact on our greater society. The bonus of course that I certainly did not think about as a young girl was how this type of alignment can impact the bottom line of an organization through empowerment, commitment, and creativity. It was not until many years later when I myself was going through an intensive leadership development program that I realized this tie back to my childhood. Since then I have experienced the power of leadership and what is possible when leaders come together to solve complex problems in business and society. I love being that facilitator and coach who helps people connect to their truth and helps teams rally around a shared mission. 

When everyone is working effectively and passionately toward the same mission, we not only transform lives, we save them, literally and figuratively.

We look forward to being Your Leadership Architect.