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Negotiating Skills

Strong negotiating skills have proven to increase salaries, vacation packages, benefit packages, and other employment perks. Who wouldn't want to negotiate higher pay before accepting a job? Negotiating is a learned skill that we will analyze and practice as the time approaches with each job opportunity.


When to Negotiate

When you choose to negotiate is critical to results of the negotiations. Learn when to and when not to negotiate.

Leverage Points

Being able to identify and articulate your leverage points can make for an appealing argument that sells the hiring manger on providing you a better offer.

Areas of Negotiation

It's not just the salary that can be negotiated. There are many aspects of employment that when negotiated can either earn you extra cash or better working conditions. We will walk through each step of the negotiation process and explore all avenues to address.

When to Walk

It's important to know where your thresholds lie. What is the magic number where you will accept the job versus walk away? Knowing this clearly beforehand gives you a distinct advantage and confidence when faced with monetary decisions.

Reaching an Agreement

Once an agreement has been reached between you and your new employer request the official offer in writing. Only then can you sit down with it and see exactly what was agreed on, ensure everything is represented, and make your final decision about the job offer.