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Resumes That Get the Interview

Resume writing tipsThe purpose of a resume is to get the interview. Follow a few essential keys to writing a powerful resume and you will not only survive to 10-second scan, but you will come face to face with the hiring manager for the job of your dreams.



Effective formatting that attracts the eye is essential if you want someone to spend more than 10 seconds reading your resume.

Your reader must be able to lift the important information quickly and easily, otherwise you could be the perfect match for the job yet be overlooked and quickly tossed into the "no" pile.


What do you include and what do you leave off your resume? Do you need more than one resume for various types of jobs? We will scrutinize the content of your resume to ensure it targets your market perfectly and emphasizes your accomplishments, not just your responsibilities.


Sample Resumes

Click on the links below to view samples of a chronological resume and a functional resume.

Chronological Resume Sample

When you have a strong track record of performance and job history and you desire to stay in the same type of career and industry, you'll want to create a chronological resume to highlight your strengths and fit for the job.

Functional Resume Sample

If you are hoping to either break into a new field or another industry, you will want to format your resume to emphasize your accomplishments and de-emphasize other information. The reader will then be captivated by what you can do for them and less caught up on the fact that you don't have specific experience at that job or in that industry.