Industries We Serve

While we work with all teams in all industries, we are most passionate about serving and advancing progress in the following fields:

Healthcare and Mental Health Transformation

Facilitating cross functional teams to collaboratively find viable solutions to the complex challenges we face across healthcare today

Hospitality, Leisure, Sport, & Tourism

Elevating the experience for all stakeholders including employees, guests, communities, environment, stockholders, and government

Education, Learning and Training

Working with educators, administration, and families to continually improve our educational opportunities and meet the needs of students

Government and Community Services

Working with all facets of community, human services, and government to most effectively and efficiently support community needs

Clients we have served

We are honored to have served the following clients among many others

client testimonials

Innovative & Out Front

Gretchen is a innovative and out front leader that I was fortunate to have as a collaborative partner on a number of significant projects. Among her many strengths is the ability to drive a team to achieve results through accountability and directed outcomes. Her ability to organize a team around a goal and achieve it made her a highly valued project leader. I strongly support her as a team member and leader.

-VP of Safety: Hospitality, Leisure, Sport, & Tourism

Peer-to-Peer Adviser

It’s rare to come across a true HR partner like Gretchen, and I was fortunate to partner with her at Vail Resorts. The first time I met Gretchen, she demonstrated her high energy and commitment by entering the room with a handspring. Gretchen brought this energy and enthusiasm to help me as a leader transform my team. She was also a great peer-to-peer advisor and I trusted her advice when it came to my own leadership journey. Gretchen’s talents stretch from facilitation skills, expertise in organizational development, leadership training and strong motivational messages.

– Director of Call Center: Hospitality, Leisure, Sport, & Tourism

Leadership University

In a very short time Integrated Growth created a Leadership University that was on it’s way to be a top notch internal program. Crocs was raised up a notch thanks to Gretchen’s experience and expertise.

– Director of Project Management: Retail

Superb Coach

Gretchen has a very holistic perspective and uses a variety of techniques to integrate mind, body and spirit. As I was moving from a challenging work situation, Gretchen easily coached, guided and supported me on every level, from emotional moments to all of the necessary steps of the career search including job search skills, networking, resume, cover letters, interview preparation, and negotiation skills that helped me win a sign-on bonus. I reached every one of my career transition goals within two months of coaching with Gretchen, including getting a new job in my professional field in a new city and making the move to my new life. It is clear that Gretchen practices the techniques and strategies that she uses in her coaching. She is ‘authentic’. I’d highly recommend Gretchen.

– Manager of Organizational Development: Healthcare

Wildly Exceeding

We had 7 new enrollments over the two weeks followoing our team meeting with Integrated Growth, wildly exceeding our average of 1 per month. Now, two months later we are expanding our facilities to accommodate our ever-increasing enrollment.


– Owner and Director of Childcare and Learning Center: Community Services

Comprehensive Program

Integrated Growth has been great. I’ve presented my high-level plan/expectations and IGI has listened, planned, communicated, and delivered a comprehensive leadership program. Offering several consultants and facilitators has been great because each has a different style and perspective. The materials have been great and the follow-up has been outstanding from everyone.


-VP of Corporate Services Group: Financial Services

Direct Alignment

What I was able to experience yesterday was a department coming together to work towards common strategic objectives. Each objective showed direct alilgnment to the corporate direction, was detailed with timelines, were specific, and all of them were clearly measurable.


– Senior Consultant: Financial Services

Stronger Performance

My management team is thinking more proactively about what they need to do to deliver stronger performance by being more effective in basic management skills, e.g. setting expectations, giving feedback, delegation, etc.


– VP of Corporate Services: Financial Services

Exceptional Synergy

I contracted with Gretchen and her team to support the design and delivery of an extensive 6-month leadership development program. As a mid-sized company with a small internal development team, our partnership with Integrated Growth allows us to tap into a network of facilitators and consultants who specialize in their fields; driving faster delivery time and exceptional synergy. I trust IGI as an integral part of my team and know that together our collaboration creates stronger learning solutions that achieve results.


– Manager of Organizational Development: Financial Services

Truly Gifted

I highly recommend Gretchen as both a Career and Life Coach. I have worked with Gretchen continually over the last 4 years and she has made a significant contribution to my career and personal life. Gretchen has a wonderful approach to helping you find what really matters and holds you accountable to the results. She is a joy to work with and a truly gifted coach.

– VP of IT: Financial Services

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