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Entrepreneurial Support

Owning your own business can be exhilerating as well as overwhelming at times. You are now setting your own schedule, making your own decisions, and perhaps even building your own team.

Whether you are in the concept stage or have owned your own business for years,

Integrated Growth can help you

  • clarify your direction,
  • build momentum, and
  • keep you on track with both your business as well as your personal life.

What IGI's clients say:

We had 7 new enrollments over the two weeks following our team meeting with Gretchen, wildly exceeding our average of 1 per month. Now two months later we are expanding our facilities to accommodate our ever-increasing enrollment.

Linda Martin, Director, Wee Creekers Child Care Center


Balance is a key to success and we help you to align your business with your own personal values in order for your business to be an extension of your life.

IGI helps you clarify your direction, build momentum and keeps you on trackAs an entrepreneur your

personal performance equals you business performance

In otherword, you are the number one asset of your business and you are probably doing it all from strategic planning and marketing, to product development and customer relations, let alone facilities and IT. It's important for you to know the ins and out of running your own business and identify those things that align with your strengths while finding reliable resources or other solutions for some of the other stuff. Today's efficiencies build tomorrow's success.


Know Where You're Going

A business plan helps you clarify your vision and strategy and provides the foundation for effective business decisions.

Accelerate Business Processes

Once you know where you are going, structures and systems help to accelerate your business processes.

Stay On Track

And maybe most importantly of all, you'll need support. As an entrepreneur it is easy to lose motivation and get sidetracked on things that may not directly impact your success. A business coach will help you stay on track and reach your goals.