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Know Where You're Going!

What is your business Plan?

IGI works with you to determine a clear, unequivocal direction for your business.

The business plan includes all of the elements of a professional business plan. It helps you clarify why your company exists, what its purpose is, and short and long term goals that you can take action on immediately. This plan can be used to attract possible investors or simply be used to keep you on track.

Compelling Purpose, Vision, and Mission

  • Why, What and How?
  • Why does your business even exist?
  • What do you provide to others?
  • And how will you provide these products or services?

Once you can answer these questions precisely, you can create a concise statement that captures it all. This statement keeps you focused and attracts customers. With a clear, compelling direction people will follow a leader just about anywhere.

Values Alignment

Attract the type of talent and customers that fit your culture by identifying the values that drive you and your company. Living and working by your values ensures decision-making is simple and eases potential conflicts. These are your guiding lights.

Measurable Strategies

Like a good game of Chess, once you know your objective, you've got to plan the attack leaving enough room for quick shifts and mobility. Identifying measurable strategies and communicating them clearly to the team helps bring the vision and mission to life. This is where the action begins!