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What IGI's clients say:

Before, I questioned whether I had the necessary skills to achieve my dreams. Not any more - Gretchen's coaching has shown me how my strengths, traits and values can be channeled to focus on my goals. I appreciate how Gretchen's technique recognizes my specific motivations and inclinations. Characteristics other coaches have deemed "personal liabilities", Gretchen has recognized as effective mechanisms to grow my business. I succeed by being me!

Dan Powers – Founder and CEO, Trip Data


Support Profiling

Support Profiling is a valuable tool for identifying the support you need for success. It helps you clarify and communicate your expectations of hired support such as marketing and accounting. This tool also identifies support mechanisms in arenas such as business alliances and personal life.

Integrated Growth provides you with substantial professional and personal support thus removing barriers to your success.

Performance Management

Performance Management is critical technique that aligns day-to-day activities with your strategy and documents and manages those goals. Though it sounds simple, this is one of the most challenging aspects of self-employment.

Integrated Growth assists you to create a process that achieves your desired results and builds in accountability.

Professional Development

Successful Performance Management hinges upon identifying your individual training and development needs. Professional development can range from specific job skills to sales skills and business development.

Integrated Growth helps you map out and implement a development plan.

In some cases we identify the necessary resources for you and in others we design and deliver the solutions customized to your specific needs.