Organizational Excellence


“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.”
– Peter F. Drucker

From the Fortune 500 to the entrepreneurial start up or the community organization, Integrated Growth partners with you to build an organization that is positioned to reach greatness.

Unlike other consultancies that offer set programs and lay them on top of your organization, Integrated Growth endeavors to understand your specific needs and address those in ways that truly WORK! We get in there, roll up our sleeves, and get messy right there next to you. We open up Pandora’s box, explore the undercurrents and reveal the truths. Only when we do the REAL work that needs to be done, can your organization propel forward. We believe the knowledge and know-how exists within your team. You just need to provide the guidance and the environment to allow it to shine.


“In order for you, your team, your company, your community to behave in a way that drives success and happiness we must create the culture for people to use their voices, take risks, learn, and thrive!” – Gretchen Reid, Integrated Growth

Strategic Planning


Our Strategic Planning process starts with senior leadership team mission, vision, and values. The strategy that emerges from this process offers short-term and long-term targets along with specific goals and actions translated and owned at each level of the organization. The momentum swiftly rallies your entire organization in the same direction, significantly improving employee engagement and achieving your goals like never before.


Consulting began with the senior leadership team and ended with the 2019 Family Friendly Resort of the Year Award by Ski Magazine as a result of innovative strategic planning process rallying the entire organization around one goal. The Resort gained enterprise recognition for significantly improving employee engagement scores, elevating the guest experience, and increasing skier visitation and EBITDA YOY and won the Epic Award at the Leadership Summit in 2019. 

Change Leadership


Change Leadership refers to the strategic thought leadership that goes on prior to and behind the organizational change. This is followed by the communication and implementation of that change ultimately leading to a successful transformation in operational behavior and culture.

Integrated Growth works with you to consider all forces that will lead to a successful change effort.


We worked with one organization where safety was a top priority though the safety culture was that of fear and avoidance leading to high incident rates and worker compensation claims. We successfully changed the safety landscape into a learning organization that has gained industry recognition. This successful change leadership significantly reduced incidences and worker compensation claims through building a culture of ownership, assessing root causes, and implementing process improvements across the enterprise.


In order to continue to drive superior safety performance, Health & Safety embarked on a journey to re-imagine the incident review process and coined “Honeycomb”. A group from Operations with Health & Safety and Talent Development used the Dupont Safety Curve, elements from the Kotters Model and Champion Change to create an innovative iterative process for employee incident reviews. The Honeycomb tool was developed to give operations resources to evaluate incidents from six different vantage points: Environment, Policies & Procedures, Conflicting Values, Tactical Choices, Tools, Knowledge & Skills, and Institutional Practices. The process has taken fear out of the incident review process and added a much-needed level of transparency. More importantly, the quality and impact of Root Cause and Corrective Actions has improved across the Company.

Talent Strategy and Succession Planning


Talent is a business strategy though many companies leave it to chance. We work with you to define where you are going and what kind of talent you need today and in the future. With a strategic workforce plan you will be able to attract, develop, and retain top talent.

When it comes to your leadership and key roles it is essential you have a succession plan that is developing high potential leaders with purpose. This might include mentoring, training, and stretch projects to name a few.


High turnover was being observed in a fortune 500 organization. We set a goal for 85% internal promotions, implemented an enterprise-wide succession planning process including talent reviews and calibration to identify high potential leaders, and built a comprehensive leadership development program to address the individual and organizational needs. Immediate and long term results were seen through significant increases of promotions throughout all levels of the organization.

Culture Development


A culture is a way of life of a group of people–the behaviors, beliefs, values, and symbols that they accept, generally without thinking about them, and that are passed along by communication and imitation from one person to the next.

What is the culture of your organization? Every organization has a culture, the question is whether it is deliberate or default, and whether it is functional or dysfunctional.

We help you build the culture that most effectively helps you to live your mission and achieve your goals together.


In an organization where each division and region had their own training there was very little common language and culture across the enterprise. After designing and implementing a comprehensive leadership development program based on the company’s core values and leadership competencies the culture became embedded enterprise-wide and we quickly saw cross department and regional teamwork and promotions. 

Acquisition Integrations


If you are involved in a merger or acquisition it is just as important to consider the human element of the integration as it is the products, services, processes, and systems.

We build an acquisition integration plan that considers the merging of two cultures, integration of teams, and change management.


For an organization that was rapidly acquiring retail, hospitality, and resorts around the world we built the enterprise-wide leadership development program that became the foundation toward a strategic approach to culturally integrating new acquisitions into the organization supporting the growth of the company from 7 to 21 resorts over six years.