Team Excellence

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together!”

Our Team Excellence Model is based on 30 years of experience observing four key elements that create the environment for healthy and high performing teams.

We have seen how unclear Goals can lead to flailing and lost time. Unclear Roles can cause conflict and frustration. Poor Interactions can take the whole team down. And ineffective Processes can cause complete breakdown.

Whether your team is just coming together for a special mission or has been working together for quite some time, Integrated Growth partners with you to transform your work group into a truly powerful team.

Get a GRIP on Team EXCELlence!

Things rarely fail due to technology or natural complexity. Things most often fail due to team breakdown.

We assess the current state of each of these key elements on your team and build from there.  


The critical ingredient of all high-performing teams is goal clarity. When you and your team are committed to clear, shared goals that are purpose driven and directly aligned with your mission and strategy the momentum and team bond is unstoppable. Roles, interactions, and processes can be derived from these goals as can measurements to determine performance and success.  


An important factor in the development of your team is how each member contributes to the work.  This includes roles and responsibilities based on what is needed by the team and the talent that each team member brings.  It provides the framework that allows team members to work closely and productively while they pursue interdependent tasks.


Teams are communities. The way in which your team members interact with one another and work through conflict will have a major impact on the employees’ engagement, emotional well-being, and overall effectiveness. A team comprised of strong relationships and candid interactions is crucial to a high-performing team.


This is the means by which the team gets their work done, solves problems, shares information and makes decisions. Truly effective processes and business systems make the job easier and provide for greater effectiveness and efficiencies allowing team members to focus on the work which is most important.

never again wonder how your team is doing

Introducing our proprietary digital coaching tool for leadership and team development.

This innovative tool ELEVATES team consciousness and perfomance REAL TIME.


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Build Effective Habits

Monitor Team Health

Track Goal Progress

Detect Trends and Insights

Develop Self & Team

iGRIP Word Cloud

See what’s on the minds of your team members at a glance. This word cloud is auto-generated from the daily self-reflection questions that are associated with the 4 elements of our GRIP model.

iGRIP Dashboard

Measure the health of your team at a glance with the iGRIP Dashboard. Your coach has access to all of the behind the scenes input that populates the graph and can provide team coaching and development targeted directly to the current needs of the team. 

iGRIP Dashboard Detail View

Dig into each element of the GRIP team results to identify specifically where the strengths and opportunities lie.

iGRIP Progress Report

See how you and your team are doing with regard to practicing habits that build a highly effective team. 

Leadership Assessments

19 leadership assessments are included in the our digital coaching program including DISC, DISC Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Enneagram, Interpersonal Inventories, Vocational Interest, Professional Quality of Life, Values in Action, and more.

Team Development

Lets face it, being human isn’t easy. Pulling a bunch of people together and calling them a team doesn’t crack it. It’s a challenge to get everyone working in the same direction. People are complex in their make-up, their styles of communication, their motives, and their behaviors.

We work with your intact teams, newly formed teams, and cross functional teams, applying our Team Excellence Model for real results.

Together we:

  • clarify your mission, vision, strategy, and goals to help you and your teams propel forward most effectively toward the same end
  • look at the key roles and team players to leverage everyone’s genius for greatest contribution, potential, and engagement
  • observe the interactions and dynamics on your teams in order to build a culture of candor and excellence
  • analyze current processes and systems and apply best practices for greatest efficiency


Transformed the mind-set and behaviors of silos and regional best practice groups into global strategic leadership teams with shared missions and strategies, resulting in solving enterprise challenges including talent, safety, and guest service.

Team Retreats, Off-sites, and Conferences

Integrated Growth specializes in retreats and conferences from working with your senior leadership team to offering Leadership Conference Design, Execution and Keynote Speakers.

We provide these services at your location or at iconic locations throughout the rocky mountains of Colorado, such as Keystone, Breckenridge, Vail, and Beaver Creek.

We consulted with one Senior Leadership Team (SLT) utilizing our Team Excellence process starting the day with a snowshoe hike out to a back ranch of Keystone, hunkered down in a historic cabin to explore the 4 elements of Team Excellence, dug deep into their goals, roles, interactions, and processes, and then finished the day snowshoeing back to happy hour for some light debrief and team bonding.

The outcome proved to strengthen the team in such a way that they lead the enterprise in strategic planning and creating a culture of ONE ultimately resulting in exceeding their company-wide goals.

New Leader Integration

Our New Leader Integration Process allows for the team and the new leader to get to know one another and lay the foundation for success in an accelerated fashion in order to move more quickly through the stages of team development toward high performing. The effects of a new leader integration has a direct result on employee engagement, productivity, and bottom line results.


New leaders who benefited from going through a New Leader Integration showed measurable results on their teams in the way of retention, performance, engagement, and goal achievement compared to their peers who did not go through the process. It also helped to make their transition smoother and more enjoyable. Due to this success New Leader Integrations became standard practice for all senior leaders entering a new team either through promotion or newly hired into the organization.

60% percent of new leaders fail within the first 24 months. 82% of those new leaders fail because they didn’t build relationships quickly enough with their team members. (Corporate Executive Board)

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