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navigating and thriving through change

Navigating and Thriving Through Change

Change in the workplace can create ripple effects throughout an organization. To navigate and be able to support and lead these changes, it’s important to gain perspective and acquire the tools necessary to move forward.  READ MORE
Best Practices for Communicating change

Best Practices for Communicating Change

As you prepare to communicate a change to your team, the 4 Ps can be instrumental in helping your team best understand what you’re communicating, why it’s important, what it looks like, and what their role is in making it happen.   READ MORE

The SCARF® model

The SCARF® model

The SCARF® model explains how the following five concepts affect our experiences with other people, especially during change.



Values Assessment

Values in Action and Self Assessment

Values are the foundation for everything we do as individuals, as teams, and as organizations. This worksheet provides a place for you to assess and align your own personal values alongside your team and organizational values. READ MORE

The Change Curve

The Change Curve

The Change Curve is a powerful tool to understand the stages of personal transition and organizational change. It helps you predict how people will respond to change, so that you can help them through times of transition.
Values Assessment

The 5 Disciplines of Organizational Decision Making

Empowered decision-making is where people are empowered to make decisions at the right level and function within the organization.

Leadership Team Transformation

How can regional leaders transform into a true enterprise leadership team?

Credibility in Uncertain Times

How do you maintain credibility as a leader when things are changing minute-by-minute?

Team Check-Up Episode 1

What are the key elements of team development, and how do you conduct regular check-ups?

Team Check-Up Episode

Where are you getting tripped up or finding your stride?

Four Fatal Fears

Are your fears getting in the way of your success?

Leadership is the vehicle for making organizational transformation happen





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