Integrated Growth has been a phenomenal partner in guiding us through the design and delivery of our leadership curriculum. Through this process, they have helped us identify blind spots and gaps, which has resulted in more clarity around our objectives. All of this has led to a curriculum that truly reflects the mission, vision, values and leadership brand of Movement. Our team could not be more appreciative of the partnership we have with Integrated Growth.

– Kristen Bergeson, VP, HR, Movement

Impact in Action

Case Studies

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New Leader Integration


Our client was in a fast-paced growth mode, with mergers and acquisitions and a large number of leaders being promoted and moved to new teams on a regular basis. 


Our New Leader Integration Process allowed for teams and their new leaders to get to know one another and lay the foundation for success in an accelerated fashion in order to move more quickly through the stages of team development toward high performing. 


The effects of the New Leader Integration had a direct ROI on retention, employee engagement, productivity, team performance, and bottom line results. In addition, new leaders reported a smoother and more enjoyable transition compared to their peers who did not go through the process. Due to this success, the New Leader Integrations process became standard practice for all senior leaders entering a new team either through promotion or newly hired into the organization.

Outcomes of the New Leader Integration:

  • Rapid increase in the new leader’s knowledge of the team (priorities, pain points, expectations, values, team norms, culture, etc.)
  • Increase in the team’s knowledge of and trust/confidence in the new leader
  • Creation of a safe venue for the team to learn more about their new leader’s communication and leadership style, ask questions, connect, etc.
  • Unearthing of strengths and opportunities for the team as a whole
  • Rapid integration of the leader into the culture of the organization and team
  • Agreement on next steps for leadership and team development

Stats: 60% percent of new leaders fail within the first 24 months. 82% of those new leaders fail because they didn’t build relationships quickly enough with their team members. (Corporate Executive Board)

Strategic Planning


Client was charged with increasing revenues and NPS year over year and was also facing employee turnover challenges. 


Our Strategic Planning process started with the organization’s mission, vision, and values. The strategy that emerged from this process offered short-term and long-term targets along with specific goals and actions translated and owned at each level of the organization. The momentum swiftly rallied the entire organization in the same direction, significantly improving employee engagement and goal achievement like never before.


Client received the 2019 Family Friendly Resort of the Year Award by Ski Magazine as a result of the innovative strategic planning process rallying the entire organization around one goal. The resort gained enterprise recognition for significantly improving employee engagement scores, elevating the guest experience, and increasing skier visitation and EBITDA YOY and won the Epic Award at the Leadership Summit in 2019.

Change Management


Client safety was a top priority, however the safety culture was one of fear leading to high incident rates and worker compensation claims. They needed to turn it around, fast.


Working across functions, we embarked on a journey to re-imagine the whole system to shift the culture from that of fear to ownership. We were able to create an innovative iterative process for employee incident reviews, creating a root cause analysis tool and embedding it into the process. These tools were soon adapted for pre-shift preventative measures. The “Honeycomb” tool, as it was quickly coined, was developed to give operation teams resources to evaluate incidents from six different vantage points: Environment, Policies & Procedures, Conflicting Values, Tactical Choices, Tools, Knowledge & Skills, and Institutional Practices.


We successfully changed the safety landscape into a learning organization that gained industry recognition. Through our partnership, the client was able to significantly reduce incidences and worker compensation claims through building a culture of ownership, assessing root causes, and implementing process improvements across the enterprise. The process has taken fear out of the incident review process and added a much-needed level of transparency. More importantly, the quality and impact of root cause and corrective actions has improved across the company.

Talent Strategy & Succession Planning


High turnover was being observed in a fortune 500 organization.


We set a goal for 85% internal promotions, implemented an enterprise-wide succession planning process including talent reviews and calibration to identify high potential leaders, and built a comprehensive leadership development program to address the individual and organizational needs.


Immediate and long term results were seen through significant increases of promotions throughout all levels of the organization.

Culture Alignment


In a rapidly growing organization where multiple cultures were colliding, there was a need to create a common leadership brand supported by standard processes and operational systems to enhance teamwork and effectiveness across the enterprise.


We conducted an extensive audit of the organizational and leadership culture which helped to define the leadership brand required for them to be successful. We then designed and implemented a comprehensive, enterprise-wide leadership development program tied directly to the organization’s strategy, company’s core values, and leadership competencies.


The Program was quickly adopted and sought after by leaders at all levels. As a result, standard operating procedures emerged, teamwork across the organization blossomed, innovations became the norm, and enterprise retention, mobility and promotions rapidly increased.

Acquisition Integration


An organization was rapidly acquiring operations and facilities around the world and needed to integrate leaders, teams, and organizational cultures quickly. 


Together, we built the enterprise-wide leadership development program that became a foundational strategic approach to culturally integrating new acquisitions into the organization.


The cultural integration strategy supported the growth of the company from 7 to 37 operations over seven years.


In addition to helping our clients achieve their highest goals and bottom line results, our work overflows into the lives and the communities of those we touch.

Our work has directly contributed to multiple awards, including:

  • Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies
  • Forbes America’s Best Employers List
  • Forbes Best Employer for Diversity
  • Champions of Change for Women in Business

In the healthcare, wellness, and outdoor industries, when everyone is working effectively and passionately toward the same mission, you not only transform lives, you save them – literally and figuratively.

Are you ready to build an organizational culture that has the power to transform lives? 

Watch how we transformed once siloed, regional leaders into a true enterprise leadership team.

We are proud to have worked with these clients and more…

I contracted with Integrated Growth to support the design and delivery of an extensive 6-month leadership development program. They quickly became an integral part of my team and together our collaboration created stronger learning solutions and results.

– Wendy Boyer, Manager Organizational Development, Janus Capital Group (Janus Henderson) 

[ASTD Award Winning Leadership Program resulting in over 30 company-wide improvement projects, increases of over $2 million in revenue, reduction in turnover, and 12% increased employee engagement in year one.]