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Change Management

Organizational change is not for the weak of heart

Get ahead of the curve and achieve your mission 


Culture is critical for your success

Create a culture aligned with your mission


“Being a part of the Camp II High Potential Leadership Program with Gretchen as the facilitator was incredibly meaningful and impactful for me both personally and professionally. I am grateful for her leadership, support and kindness. She is a great listener who is respectful of all opinions and perspectives, and she provides the space for true vulnerability, honesty and candor. I loved my time working with Gretchen in this program!”


– Sara Lococo, Sr Manager, Communications and Marketing, Breckenridge and Keystone Resorts


Customized Programs


Our AWARD WINNING custom leadership programs are aligned with your business strategy and bring your leadership culture to life, creating alignment at every level of your organization. Our programs are comprehensive and embedded in everything you do from operational systems to team norms and become the foundation for organizational health and game changing innovations.  

At Integrated Growth we believe that everyone is a leader. While some people are born with natural leadership attributes, everyone can learn to be a leader. 


Leadership & Team Coaching


Its about alignment – alignment with who you are and how you show up as a leader, alignment across the team, and alignment with the mission and values of your organization.

In order to be the leader you wish to be, and the leader others need you to be, it is essential that you look within. Our coaching goes beyond the surface to neutralize mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks so people can see the truth of in situation and escape the triggers of their past and fears of their future. This process allows people to be the most authentic and effective leader they can be in full form. Your coaching experience with us will be personalized to your specific needs. We meet you where you are and guide you to your future!

Our coaching spans across executive, team, career, and life coaching and may include assessments such as values, style inventories or 360 feedback.

A study of Executive and Team Coaching in a Fortune 500 firm by MetrixGlobal reported a 529% return on investment and significant intangible benefits to the business.

“Gretchen is a superb coach! She has a very holistic perspective and uses a variety of techniques to integrate mind, body and spirit. As I was moving from a challenging work situation, Gretchen easily coached, guided and supported me on every level. I reached every one of my career transition goals within two months of coaching with Gretchen. It is clear that Gretchen practices the techniques and strategies that she uses in her coaching. She is ‘authentic’. I’d highly recommend Gretchen.” 



– Christine Smith, Organizational Development Manager, Denver Health and Hospital Authority


The leaders we work with experience more momentum, greater ease, and a renewed sense of purpose and vitality as they reconnect with their life force. As a direct result, their teams are engaged and empowered to make decisions.

Leadership coaching is for you if you are….

  • New to a leadership role
  • Positioning for a promotion or role change
  • Building a new team
  • Defining and creating a leadership culture
  • Transforming your organization
  • Building alignment across the organization

Whether your team is coming together for a special mission or has been working together for quite some time, Integrated Growth partners with you to transform your work group into a truly powerful team. 

Team Coaching is for you if your team is….

  • Newly formed
  • In transition with new members 
  • Cross-functional, rallying around a shared mission
  • Needing to level up their game
  • Experiencing a merger or acquisition
  • In the process of a change initiative


Change Management


Regardless whether the change you and your organization are experiencing was planned or unplanned, change is something that all organizations experience at one time or another and is a MUST if you are to evolve and stay ahead.

Change and transformation is the new norm. External forces are upon you, constantly requiring critical thinking about your products, services, organizational structure, leadership, processes, systems – you name it! Whether you are transforming your mission, experiencing change of leadership, expanding your operations, undergoing a merger or acquisition, to truly succeed at change, the task before you is two fold:

  • First, to get your team through the transition in one piece.
  • Second, to capitalize on this time by encouraging innovation in other areas of the business.

We are here to guide you to the other side!

“We were so fortunate to have Gretchen support Children’s series on skills to manage the changes that arose from the pandemic.  She offered to help us in a time of need and showed deep experience, an engaging and inclusive demeanor and followed up with resources to ensure teams had the tools they needed.  She is a polished presenter who found creative ways to engage our learners at a distance.”


– Ryan Simmons, Director, Talent Development, Children’s Hospital Colorado



“El Cap has been working with Integrated Growth for the past year building our leadership culture, development curriculum, and individual development tools.  These are essential for our future as we are a rapidly growing climbing, fitness, and yoga company with multiple locations across the country. We knew we needed to invest more in developing our future leaders and making sure our leadership brand was clearly defined for the entire organization and chose to partner with Gretchen and Integrated Growth . Feedback from the team has been incredibly positive. All feel that the content is fresh, new to them, unique to us and will enable us to become better leaders.”


– Robert Cohen, CEO, El Cap


Culture Design Consulting


As Peter Drucker claims, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”.

We know you put a great deal of effort into your mission, vision, and strategy, but it’s the culture that will ultimately determine your success or failure. 

Integrated Growth partners with you to build an organizational culture that is positioned to reach your greatest mission.

We endeavor to understand your organization from the inside-out and work with you to define your leadership culture specific to where you’re going. We get in there, roll up our sleeves, and get messy right there next to you. We open up Pandora’s box, explore the undercurrents and reveal the truths. Only when we do the real work that needs to be done, can your organization create the culture that is necessary for true success.